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Turnkey Metal Raised Garden Bed

Turnkey Metal Raised Garden Bed


Metal Raised garden beds are an excellent way to keep your plants healthy and your back and knees in good shape. We can build and supply raised beds to ensure you get the look you desire and the productivity you crave.

Raised vegetable garden beds can be designed and built to a style, size, and height to suit your backyard or balcony. It is imperative to make sure raised garden beds used for growing food are from non-toxic materials.

  • Benefits of Raised Garden Beds


    • Great access to sunlight with elevated garden
    • More ergonomic height for harvesting and planting
    • Better drainage
    • Fewer weeds
    • Perfect for crop rotation
    • More control over soil conditions
    • Ideal for mobility challenged gardeners
    • Can be placed in courtyards and on balconies


  • What's Included with a "Turnkey" Raised Garden Bed

    You will have a completely installed raised garden bed ready to GROW!!

    • You will have a completely installed raised garden bed ready to GROW!!

    • Custom configuration for your specific space and harvest needs

    • Ground area preparation

    • Raised garden bed filled with decaying wood debris and other compostable biomass plant materials

    • Drip irrigation system

    • Ready for water hookup Configured to water your specific plant choices

    • Your selection of plants, planted with proper spacing and irrigation flow 

    • 2-week plant Guarantee 

    • 2 weeks in-person follow-up with tutorial and plant replacement if needed.

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